Panhandle Yacht Club, Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho



The Panhandle Yacht Club, PYC, was founded in 1978 by a few individuals who had a dream to build a private marina that would be family oriented, be of reasonable cost, and that would provide amenities not found at other marinas on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Over the years the facility has continued to improve through the dedicated efforts of its members. Many hours and some personal expenses have been donated to update and provide for the members and their guests.

Help to Improve the PYC Experience

  • If you make a mess, please clean it up. (examples numbered below)
    1. Brush the grills after using.
    2. Wash, dry and put away yours and the clubs dishes.
    3. If you, your children or your guests dirty the restroom or shower, leave it cleaner than you found it.
    4. Pick up after your pets. If your pet has an accident on the docks are deck, take the time to clean up after your pet by rinsing and scrubbing the effected area.
  • Parking by the BBQ deck is limited to 10 minutes. Unload your items, park your car in the upper parking lot, then go to your boat.
  • Please park to allow 2 cars side-by-side.
  • All carts need to be returned promptly to the BBQ deck due to limited carts supply.
  • Do not use our fresh well water to wash or rinse your boat. Use a submersible pump and use lake water.
  • Do not remove any items from the Harbormaster house, garage or carport. The items in these areas are personal belongings of the Harbormaster, not the club. Please be respectful to the Harbormaster and their property.
  • The club and individual members have purchased plastic utensils, paper plates, pots and pans. They belong to all of us. If you have accidentally taken any of these items please return or replace them. Please check the lids on seasonings containers on the BBQ deck are firmly closed after you use them so they don't harden.
  • The paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils in the storage closet on the BBQ Deck are for club events, if you use them please replace them.
  • Haul all boat trash to the dumpster located in the top parking area across from the harbor master house. The two brown garbage cans by the BBQ Deck are for trash from BBQ Deck only. If the brown garbage cans are full please empty them in the green dumpster, there are more trash liners in the storage room on the BBQ Deck (It is everyones responsibility to empty these trash cans not just the harbor master).

Please make sure your guests and families understand these common courtesies...

Ted Buescher, Board Member PYC

Standing Rule 26

Each member and associate member is required by our ByLaws (Article 4 Section 1. E) to have a certificate of insurance on his or her boat. To encourage compliance with this requirement, each member will be charged $500.00 on their annual dues invoice. This $500.00 will be waived if the member provides the proof of insurance.

Standing Rule #9

PYCSnubbers on All Dock Lines

Mooring lines shall be of a size and type recommended by the boat builder, or shall comply with published recommendations of cordage manufacturers and suppliers. In no case shall mooring lines be less substantial than 3/8" nylon. Snubbers shall be used on bow and stern lines and other lines subject to shock loading from wave action. Mooring lines shall be maintained in good condition.

A lot of money was spent over the past several years on the PYC docks, Snubbers are to be used on ALL bow and stern lines as stated in “Standing Rules” paragraph #9. This protects the dock system from future damage.

If you as a member have an associate member leasing your slip. It is still your responsibility this rule is followed so please inspect your slip.

If you know a member/associate that lives out of this area and want to be helpful, please provide the snubbers and place them on the lines for them.

Thank you for protecting our investment at PYC

The benefit of using springlines for your boat for winterizing and winter storage.


When a boat is docked where the wind and weather will move your boat around such as is the case at the PYC, there are several ways to ensure dock lines remain relatively tight and the boat does not move forward or back along the dock in the wind. Springlines help ensure that fenders will remain between the dock and the boat, rather than hanging uselessly as the boat rubs directly on the dock. This technique also helps the boat stay secure in the slip.

If you would like to be added to the PYC email distribution list, email me with your Membership number, full name and email address at This distribution list notifies you of upcoming events, work parties and information regarding weather events such as emergency snow removal needs.